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Welcome to the Emerging Studies Institute, a Bilingual Vocational and Technical School. Located in the diverse community of Providence, we are committed in helping our students reach their full potential and be on their way to a better career path.  With the variety of programs that are offered, our institute focuses on the central goal of improving a student’s personal and professional development.  Having over ten years of experience, our educators are proud to serve the dense Latino population, and speak both English and Spanish to better assist the students and gain the knowledge they need to succeed.

  • Departments and Programs

               Our programs provide students with job specific technical training that target all necessary areas to help them flourish in their future career. With hands on courses covering customer service to basic computer skills, our students will have a successful learning experience that will lead to certification with a graduation ceremony upon completion.

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  • Our Philosophy

               We are a unique Bilingual Vocational and Technical School whose main focus and motivation is to promote education in our community. At ESI , students pursue their goals in an environment that values diversity, individuality, mutual respect and free exchange of ideas.

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  • Great Career Outcomes

               After Certification, ESI ensures job-placement services from entry level to management roles. We help our students find the right job and build a career. Register now and take the great opportunity to start a change in your life to become a professional.

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Our Mission

“To provide a positive learning environment and life changing opportunities for the communities we serve.”


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