Venezuelan native, Oscar Mejias came to the United States in 2003. While in his home country, Mejias attained his bachelor’s in information technology from ‘Universidad Occidental de Venezuela.’ Mejias is the prime example of what we all call today “the American Dream.” As someone who never stops learning, in 2006 he moved to Rhode Island and decided to take a course to improve his business and technical skills. That is where the idea came
about to create a company that can provide education within the Hispanic community. He saw the demand that there were many others like him, who wanted to continue to grow, learn, expand their education, and ultimately have a successful career. From then on, the Hispanic Technology and Education Program (HITEP) was created, which helped many people improve their technological skills and find employment. With the same goal in mind, Mejias plans on helping people who want to better their lives but don’t know where to start, especially within the Latino community. With over 14 years of extensive experience, Mejias is a strategic leader and has made significant accomplishments in Education, economic, and community development. Highly skilled in not only technology but business as well, he plans to implement his expertise in his teachings, with the many courses ESI has to offer.

Results-oriented and strategic leader with 14 years of extensive experience in accomplishing remarkable outcomes in Education, economic and community development. Highly skilled in project management, planning and  organizing educational projects from conception to completion, including students attraction, students retention, and incentive programs. In the Business area, possess proven success in economic development programs, budgeting and management, operational characteristics & services, cross-departmental project management, information technology utilization, human resources development, review and analyze data and deliver information in a comprehensible manner. Adept at coordinating with various political subdivisions and facilitating change in a community to support organizational objectives. Strong background in creation of training programs, relationship management, team building and general business acumen coupled with significant track record of driving profitability gains and huge revenues within highly competitive private business.




Rhode Island – 2017


Hispanic Technology & Education Programs – Founder/ Former Owner.

Rhode Island – 2006 – 2016.


Rhode Island Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Board of Director’s President

Rhode Island – 2016 – 2017


PRODUBAN  Santander Group 

Implementation Project Manager

Boston, MA  2011 – 2014



Business-Financial Literacy. Cohort 1

           10K Small Business – Goldman Sachs

            Community College of RI, 2016 – 2017

Emerging Leaders Program

          SBA – Center for Women & Enterprise

          CWE Center, Providence, RI, 2015.

 Bachelor of Science, Information Technology

           Universidad Occidental , Venezuela, 1984 – 1987


Accomplishments – Honors and Awards:

Areas of Expertise/Interest